Geschieht hier gerade Historisches? – Erste Rede von Mansour Abbas seit dem Wahltag.

(Jerusalem/Israel) – Mansour Abbas verliess die Einheitsfront der israelischen Araber, gründete die Bewegung Ra‘am, und errang bei den Wahlen vor Wochenfrist auf Anhieb 4 Mandate in der Knesset. Und seine 4 Mandate könnten darüber entscheiden, ob und durch wen die nächste Regierung gestellt wird. Heute Abend nun hielt Abbas eine erste, kurze Ansprache vor seinen Anhängern – und vor der extra angereisten Weltpresse. In Nazareth, in Israel, auf Hebräisch.

Anmerkung: dies ist eine aus verschiedenen Quellen zusammen getragene englische Fassung, sie basiert im wesentlichen auf die TV-Aufzeichnung und den verschiedenen, zum Teil simultanen Übersetzungen sowie erste Abdrucke. Der Text ist für eine tiefer gehende Analyse nicht geeignet.

Citizens of Israel, good evening. I stand in front of you today in the atmosphere of the Passover holiday and the month of Ramadan, and carry a prayer of hope. Am uncompromising, striving for co-existence, based on mutual respect and real equality. The common denominator is greater than what separates us. The Holy Koran guides us: „humans, we created you from one man and one woman and separate you for peoples and tribes, for you to know each other. I, Mansour Abbas, a man of the Islamic Movement, a proud citizen of Israel, who stands at the head of the prime and greatest political movement in the Arabic society, champion. Courageously a vision of peace, mutual security, partnership and tolerance between the peoples.

I stretch out my hand, in my name and in the name of my colleagues and on behalf of the people who elected us, to create an opportunity for a shared life, in this holy land, blessed by three religions and two peoples.

As the chairman of the United Islamist Movement Ra’am, who respects every person, whoever they are, sanctifies life and abhors all violence against anybody based on political or national or religious reasons. I stand here and say that it is time for us to listen to each other, to respect each other’s narrative and search for the common, to respect one another.

The reality is changing, and we refused to acknowledge that. The state of Israel is changing and it refuses to open ist eyes. We do not have to agree on everything, and surely we will have quite a few disagreements. But we must allow ourselves and our children the right and the opportunity to come to know our neighbors. Each and every one of us has a name, a culture, a story and a narrative.

If we are not wise, cannot find a way to bring down the ignorance and racism, we will leave to the next generation a complex situation, a dangerous and, above all, impossible reality.

Unlike all politicians who engaged in boycotts of left and right, I did not rule out anybody. My attitude is what can we say yes to, and not what we cannot agree upon. I came here to represent 20% of the population of Israel, that suffers from all manner of problems, on all levels of life – from the absence of personal safety, housing and self-fulfillment.

We have an opportunity to bring about change, to create a national civil society , greater than its components. A leadership that would take us to a better place, that would create trust across the sectors, so that we can move forward to a better future. If the road in Wadi Ara is problematic, it does not matter, if the person using it is Arab or Jewish. If there is a shortage of beds in Soroka Hospital, that hurts people in both Beersheba or in Rahat. And if my neighbor is hungry, myself and my family are in danger. And if I do not in peace within my country, we will not be able to strive for peace with our neighbors. This is the time to search for the common ground, to find a different reality for all people of the country.

There are many ways to describe my position in these days. I am not blinded by being described as „holding the balance of power“ or being the „kingmaker“. I do not wish to become a part of any bloc, neither of the left or the right. I represent a different bloc, the bloc that elected me to serve my people and gave me the mandate to stand up for the rights of the Arabic public and their unmet demands, and turn them into a work plan and become realized.

Our recommendations are different. I recommend that we all change the reality. We are here to look ahead. And we expect other, from left and right, to adopt our attitude. Innovativeres, renewal is about creating a change in the climate. We all live in the same climate. This is the time for change.

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